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Baba Sy, the World Champion of 1963-1964 of 10x10 Draughts - Volume I - 264 pages

Baba Sy, the World Champion of 1963-1964 of 10x10 Draughts - 
Volume I - 264 pages

This book should be considered a historical book, as it is the draughts career of Baba Sy, a prominent Senegalese player. He was able to be the best in the world without reading any books. He had a natural talent and was a self-made man thanks to the game of checkers.  I have witnessed the achievements of the great Baba Sy and I have been in the early stage of great players such as Harm Wiersma and Ton Sijbrands, and predicted in 1964 that they would be future world champions. So I know the mentality that one must have to succeed in this mind sport. Those who want to go into deep analysis of the games of Baba Sy need to buy the book of Ton Sijbrands (Baba Sy, le Grand Livre de Baba Sy, 1989). 

Both draughts (checkers) and chess help develop confidence in our abilities. The strategies we learn in the game of draughts can be applied to business to ensure success. I taught draughts to the son of my previous Dutch boss in his early years. Now, after 40 years, he confessed that this game has helped him a lot in his business. He migrated to United States when he was young and his flower business is today among the best in the country.

The game of draughts teaches us to anticipate and predict our future business visions. We learn the pros and cons of a play, just as in business life where we also have to make decisions. We learn to apply our judgement and not the criteria of the people around us. The vast majority of people are influenced by the visions of others. So much so that the decision to favor the group is often the wrong one. This is done because of fear of failure, feeling ridiculed, or being the dissenting member of the group. In the game of draughts no one will help you with your next move, you have to do it yourself and you are solely responsible for your actions.

Draughts teach us to fight, every point counts. Sometimes a game lasts over six hours. In this way you learn patience and to draw or win games that seemed to be completely lost. This eagerness to fight and patience come very handy in business where we have to prepare a commercial contract with our clients and be patient.

The mentality we acquire from draughts is nothing less than the creation of a competitive spirit and the desire to achieve goals. Competitive people can make more sales than their peers, work longer hours, stimulate creative ideas, and develop products and quality services. In other words the game of checkers gives you a competitive spirit and the desire to always improve and be better than others. You never have enough, you need to be better and you will never surrender to achieve it. With this attitude one undoubtedly makes small businesses be leading companies in the sector.  

My 40-year stay in Spain and my research on the Moors permits me to know more about the Islamic custom. And so I am now in a much better position than 40 years ago to comment properly on the life of Baba Sy.  

Acknowledgements and thanks

My thanks to Mr. Ndongo Fall of Senegal. He supplied me with interesting data about Baba Sy and his family. In this sense I cannot forget the long correspondence I had with Mr. Jean Marc Ndjofang and Malick Niang. My thanks to Hanco Elenbaas, Fred Ivens, Jan de Ruiter, and many others. To Ed Holstvoogd who despite his serious illness found the strength to send text and photos in the past. I owe a lot to Dr. Diego Rodriguez of France, since he provided me with lots of photographs of Baba Sy’s championships in France. We talked a lot on the phone about Baba Sy whom he met personally with Michael Hisard. I hope not to forget anyone so THANK YOU all. "


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